Mayan Moons

Mayan Moons

Slot machine test: Mayan moons

"Mayan Moons ™" you can play online a still very young game machines, which comes from the home of Naidoo and of course expectations can arouse. These are by no means disappointed, because "Mayan Moons ™" impresses not only with many symbols that repeatedly yield profits, but also with the bonus features. Of course, the free spins, because with these profits is guaranteed. Among other things, you can play casino in the Star Games, there even in the free mode to pure Snuffle.

Offset into the mysterious world of the Maya, the many treasures in their temples hide "Mayan Moons ™". With a little luck, you can participate, symbols not lacking in any case. Graphics and sound are here as well as the fair odds. How much you win, of course your usage depends on.

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Play Mayan moons ™ online

Even though it is mystical in "Mayan Moons ™", so the basic functions are the same as in other slots of course. Your objective is first and foremost the same symbols to spin. Have these symbols on payline and the first one must be always on the left reel. These series of identical motives must not be interrupted by other symbols. The exception is the beautiful woman that can replace other motives than wild.


cover always exactly five fields, which each one of the rollers. The lines go from left to right and this time horizontally, even diagonally and often both together. The height of earnings depends on the symbol and the usage, however there are the highest yield each five same symbols on a row, of course with reinforcement by the wild symbol. In total there are twenty pay lines that you can issue but also one at a time.

The simplest icons are the 10, J, Q, K and the A. names, which you know from the playing cards. The image icons bring actually more and more, especially since profit is made with these same in a series of three symbols in any case. The letters and the 10 bring less than the bet in the simplest series, so they only combined result in profit. However, it is also possible that multiple paylines are added. In addition also the gamble feature can improve the round win.

The pan flute or the temple bring significantly more. The Golden disc also. They met in the spins round also has the function of a multiplier. Free games receive you by the moon. If you anywhere on the reels three times can spin this, fifteen free games started, where you naturally lose no usage. The moon can not be replaced by the Joker, so the wild symbol, brings, but also away from free spins a profit.

Slot machines instructions by Mayan moons ™

You can play for real money if you make a deposit also real money and thus make your bets. You can change them before each round. In the paytable, you see just how much you at the current usage and which combination would win. The bet for that round falls also if you set fewer lines. However decline therefore the chances that rows are counted. Using the auto start function the game continues automatically, without interruption. You can exit the mode at any time.

With the "Mayan Moons ™" gamble feature, you can

multiply your winnings. Simply tap on a suit, and hope for the right draw. As in the case of a match, your win is doubled. Caution is but, because you can also lose your winnings, if you're there with your prediction. Some icons bring not much for your account, then the game at risk worthwhile. Did you win much in a round but, it's not worth usually, because the risk is too high to lose the entire profit of rounds of.

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